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Saturday, October 22, 2011

RM5 1st series with Tun Ismail bin Mohamed Ali sign ( 1962-1980)

The pictures was taken last night...awesome right??:)
Let me tell you a little bit about this note..this is the first series of RM5 with Tun Ismail Md Ali sign..the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia in 1967 until 1972.
First prefix is A/1 and the last prefix is A/45.Printed Bradbury Wilkinson & Co.
I buy this item from someone with common market price..almost RM100+
Different person have their own perception onto this item.but for me as a young junior numismatist, i evaluate from the aesthetics value..such a beautiful & incredible old note..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

MALAYSIA BANKNOTES - RM5 6th series & 7th series

This is the latest among the new banknotes i buy from someone ..
Those who are numismatist should get one as their collection.
guess how much i spend for these item?? normally people sell them around rm25-rm50 each (not the replacement ok)..
but i just have to spend rm40 ( 3 pieces) to get these lovely notes..
For this nearest time, i never thought to sell them...just to share and inspire you guys...have a nice looks...:)

Suku dah terjual..terima kasih pelanggan2 yg dikasihi sekalian..:)

nak cerita sket ttg Malaya Japanese Occupation ni...digunakan hanya pd tahun 1942-1945 sahaja...terdapat wang yg mempunyai serial numbers & ada yg xde serial numbers..plg mahal dapat jual yg ade serial numbers woven paper rm200...tu pun gred E.Fine...skrg hanya ada sekeping je yg EF dlm simpanan sy..

nak dijadikan cerita...skrg sy nk wat stock clearance...kalau dulu skpg rm30..skrg sy bg diskaun 50%..hanya rm15..+ rm3 postage using post express..

Keris kecil tembaga

okey...keris tembaga lama ni saya beli di jakarta barat...harga dalam 250 000 rupiah...

keistimewaannya hanya diketahui oleh org2 yg tahu menilai estetikanya keris ini..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sunday, July 17, 2011

RM10 and RM20 the old one.

RM10 with Tan Sri Aziz bin Taha's signature. He was a BNM gabenor in July 1980 until Jun 1985

RM20 with Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar bin Hussein's signature (BNM Gabenor in Jun 1985 - Mei 1994)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

10000 Rupiah

~This one is the special one
~10000 Rupiah * Indonesia Currency year 1964
~can be rolled on human hand
~perhaps the materials have linked to the human blood especially the jawa one

Friday, January 14, 2011


- Date on the note is 21st March 1953
- Denomination of money from Malaya and the UK Borneo
- This note is legal tender for One Dollar in the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, North Borneo and Brunei
-anyone interested can pm me...
-price depends on the negotiation

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Sailship Sha Chuan; satellite station
~ Dikeluarkan pada tahun 1987
~Untuk dijual pada harga RM100 sahaja..
~Pos laju: RM5
~Pos express: RM3
~Interested can contact me at 017-6346269


Ini adalah sebahagian daripada koleksi syiling purba yg saya simpan..dan juga untuk dijual.
~Harga boleh runding ikut budi bicara buyer and seller.
~Sekeping buka harga pada RM150
~Berminat boleh pm saya..